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Quality Assurance


Quality Control

GAGE monitors and uses new technologies to meet client and sector requirements and to comply with its standards. 

In this scope, our equipment / measuring devices which are continuously modernized are as follows:

  • 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

  • Profile Projection Devices

  • Hardness Tester

  • Portable Hardness Tester

  • Pneumatic Marking

  • Surface Roughness Testers

  • Conductivity Meter

  • Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Johnson Gauges

  • Heat and Humidity Measuring Devices

  • Thread Plug Gages

  • Ring Gauges

  • Digital Calipers

  • Digital Micrometers

  • CNC Linear Height Gauges

  • Comparators

  • Radius Gauges

  • Flat Squares

Quality Systems

GAGE has adopted "Quality & Assurance" principles in all of its processes and applies them without any compromise. We correctly understand client expectations and work to sustain customer satisfaction and to constantly improve our Quality Management System. In line with this goal, the GAGE team implements latest technologies and adapts to the processes.

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GAGE currently have IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) and AS9100 (Quality and risk management for Aviation Industry) certificates.

In addition, we also have Restamping 3.1 Branding Certificate and have begun our efforts to obtain ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates.

All documents created by GAGE, which are required by quality standards, are managed by QDMS (Quality Document Management System). QDMS is a modular application which enables the users to carry out and monitor all the related activities via generating all the documentation infrastructure that is required by the management system standard.

  • The monitoring of nonconformities and their corrective actions is also carried out with QDMS.

  • Reports and graphs of nonconformity/correction data are handled by the system.

  • By keeping the documents in a digital environment, data loss is prevented and quick access is provided.


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