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About Us

Our company, which has been providing services for Hydromechanics, Railway and Aviation Industries with its qualified workforce and modern equipment pool since its establishment, will continue to improve itself with its sense of quality in order to be a sought after company in its sector and region.

We aim to be among the top 1000 exporting companies of Turkey in the 100th anniversary of our republic and we focus our efforts in this direction.



Our vision is to become a healthily growing company that manufactures products which meet the sector and quality demands with a cost effective approach and a respectful and adaptive team.


Our mission is to become a preferred and reliable solution partner in both domestic and international markets with high quality standards above the expectations, meeting the demands of our customers in the machining sector.


Quality Policy;
It is important for us to be an internationally accepted and preferred company with a higher quality and production capability in aviation, high speed train, machining and other sectors, a company which considers its employees its most valuable assets, prioritizes customer satisfaction, continuously develops and commits to applicable quality conditions.
Environment Policy;
We have an effective Environmental Management System that provides the necessary technical, financial and human resources to achieve our environmental principles and targets at every stage of our production activities, starting from the selection of raw materials.
Occupational Safety Policy;
Occupational safety is the most important element in GAGE. Our aim is to protect our employees against the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases. It is important for us that our occupational safety culture is adopted and practiced by our employees. It is ensured that not only our employees, but also our visitors complete their visits under suitable conditions within the scope of occupational safety. There are no work accidents that cannot be prevented if necessary precautions are taken.

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